Our solution, your success

Our solution, your success

Our solution, your success

The expert on financial statements

DND Accounting Ltd draws up financial statements independently and with expert skill. We serve companies of all sizes in matters relating to financial statements. Our office is in Helsinki.

The financial statement reveals the results of the company

The financial statement is drawn up by accounting period, at 12-month intervals. It must always be complete within four months of the end of the accounting period. The financial statement includes the income statement, the balance sheet and associated information. Large companies are also required to provide a financing statement and an annual report as attachments.

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Register Description

1. Register Holder

DnD Accounting Oy
Kaisaniemenkatu 10

Business ID: 25154356
Telephone number: +358505210217

2. Matters Relating to the Register

Our customer service will answer questions and feedback relating to the register as quickly as possible.

3. Name of Register

The register of customer, marketing and newsletter situations.

4. The Purpose of the Handling of Personal Information

The purpose of the handling is to manage the customer relationship, fulfil the rights and obligations of the customer and register holder and the handling of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes relating to web services, research activities, the targeting of the register holder’s and/or its partners’ advertising and/or direct marketing on the basis of customer information, via the register holder’s communication media and services, without submitting personal information to any outside party.

5. The Data Content of the Register

The register can contain the following information about customers:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile or other telephone number
  • Organisation and position
  • Organisation address details
  • Contact log

6. The Regular Data Sources of the Register

The register is collated from the register holder’s customer information system, publicly available Internet sources and any possible other public sources. As a rule, the sources of addresses are specified if they are other than those listed above.

7. Regular Submission of Information

The register holder will not pass the personal information of customers on to outside parties unless required to do so by the Finnish authorities.

8. Removal of Data

Information can be deleted from the register upon a person’s request or in the event of the ending of the customer relationship.

9. The Principles of Register Protection

Personal information will be kept confidential. The data network and hardware of the register holder and its possible IT partners, in which the register is located, are protected by firewalls and other required technical measures.



DND Accounting Oy

Punavuorenkatu 20 D 37

00150 Helsinki

050 521 0217